The power went out at 5am. Came back a couple minutes later, but I couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up around 530. Made breakfast, started work. A little after 7am, while I was on a conference call, the power went out again. Turns out, I need a MUCH bigger UPS for the file server. It ran out within a couple of minutes. Started shutting servers down, then my desktop died. Was able to shut the remainder down from my phone.

Power was out for several hours. Got kinda chilly. Managed to take a nap! That never happens.

Power came back, got everything back up and running.. had some issues with the Pleiades cluster and NFS from the file server, but that should be resolved for next time.

Still sniffly from this gods damned cold. Going on a week and a half now. Damned annoying, but at least it hasn't made its way down to my lungs a second time.

ETA: I need to look for a different theme for this blog. I don't like how the first para is larger. I don't like several things. I might actually pay for a theme, if I can find one I like. That or I'll have to design one. ::/