Trying to get back into this daily blogging thing. We'll see how well I do.

I've been poking at getting various services running on, then transferred to, a docker cluster running on a tiny stack of ARM boards I put together (the Pleiades cluster). This morning, I verified a build I'd run overnight of a mastodon image. It worked, and in the process reminded me that I'd already gotten it working before. So I might be able to get The Clacks transferred over some time when I can figure out the best way to migrate the data and configuration. I've already had Minecraft up and working - tho not very performant. I'm waiting on my shipment of Atomic Pis to arrive before I start keeping the minecraft servers running. They should have the horsepower needed. Last night, I got the WWIV bbs software compiled and working, and immediately decided it was too much of a headache to deal with. I used to run a WWIV bbs, a bit over 25 years ago, so I have fond memories of it and was toying with the idea of running the current version of the software. Not sure there's any value to it. Much like MOOs, nobody I know really cares that much anymore.

Went out to locate a misdelivered package - UPS can't tell the difference between my address and my neighbor's back door - and grab breakfast.

Then I spent some time playing Foundation, and getting the Ghost blogs configured and switched over. The ones running on Sarin have been deprecated in favor of new ones running on the Pleiades. This is one of them, the other is, which currently contains the same content as the old site, tho I may deprecate it in favor of something else. Or maybe I'll move this content over there, and do something else with this domain? I don't know yet.

Been rewatching all the Stargates, in proper chronological order. I'm currently in the middle of SG-1 season 6, so still a season and a half to go before I start getting Atlantis mixed in. I'd've sworn that Universe overlapped with Atlantis, but apparently not.