I could have sworn I posted yesterday, but apparently not. I guess I must've acknowledged the reminder then gotten distracted? Anyway, uh.. yesterday I went to the Container Store to buy another case of their shoeboxes, which I've been using to organize my office. Then I worked on organizing my office. I also bought an Espressobin+ to set up as a possible new NAT box and a definite new vpn box and whatever else I decide to do with it. And was frustrated with it almost as soon as it arrived.

Today, I'm still trying to get it to boot. Or even to get into the serial terminal. Have set it aside for a while, will futz with it again this weekend. It did get me to dig out the cyberdeck's guts, since I needed a linux desktop to try to talk to it.

That,  in turn, has got me looking into what it'll take to get that project built... Tried out a couple of 3D modeling apps to design the case, and nearly punched my computer they were so bad. Anybody have recommendations? Also trying to teach myself how to build a proper battery management system, but I've always been more software, to my dad's hardware focus, so I'm bumping hard up against my lack of a serious electrical engineering background. I need a pet EE.