Took my car to the dealership to get it appraised, because they want to buy it back. Wasn't serious about selling it, of course, but if the number was right, I'd be willing to think about it at least. While there, I asked the service dept to investigate why the check engine light would occasionally turn on, since it was on as I drove it in. Turned out, it's letting me know it detected a fault with the door of the charge port. It sticks sometimes. And so the check engine light comes on, because it knows this. Weird.

Found out that the Element will not be totaled, it's worth almost as much as my Volt, which is half its age and has half the mileage. Comes from still being popular a decade after being discontinued, I guess. Repairs are estimated to be done on the 19th.

Went and bought some new shirts (ordered them, actually, because the store didn't have them in stock, but I had to go to the physical store to use my not-valid-online coupon from my last visit.)

Been poking at some random bins. Found a bunch of power strips and a few extension cords and power splitters.

Started listening to The Antropocene Reviewed, a podcast with John Green (of the vlogbrothers), and I think it's my new second-favorite podcast. (Nothing is likely to ever shift The Memory Palace, but this tastes very similar.) I recommend it.

I start the new job two weeks from tomorrow.