Doing a terrible job of blogging lately, aren't I?

Basically, I get up at 6am, go to work, come home, and play video games until it's time to go to bed way too early, because I can't brain anything else.

The past two days I've tried working from home in the morning then going in to work around lunchtime, which kinda worked. Was less tired thru the day, but also parking was a massive pita. Tomorrow I have an earlier-than-usual meeting, so I'm going in first thing. Need to remember to take my lunch.

I'm trying out the iphone's "bedtime" feature. And may buy some kind of sleep tracking device (currently looking at the Motiv). All with the goal of normalizing my sleep patterns for the new job so I'm less tired all the time. I may need to move my 9pm blogging reminder earlier, since I'm often in bed by the time I notice it.

That said, I'm kicking some serious ass at work. 12 pull requests in 11 work days. Of course, only two are merged, the others are languishing waiting for reviews (the team's been busy with an Event that occurred just as I was starting), but that's okay. I'm making some major systemic changes too, so they're going to be Extra Complicated to review and test.