As I mentioned, I didn't sleep well. Some kind of digestive upset. Not sure what that was about. Woke up several times thru the night, was effectively awake from about 4 onward (little snatches of sleep here and there, but). Up at 7:15.

Had a couple of good meetings. Things at work still aren't good, but things seem to be moving in to place to get them better. We'll see how it goes. Still not doing a good job - or any job, let's be honest - of looking for something better.

Played some more video games after work. Finally managed to construct a functional rocket ship in Oxygen Not Included. Now I just need to train some astronauts.

Started putting together a TODO list for the BBS; trying to solidify my thoughts about what needs to be done to get to a minimum interactable product. Something I can leave open on the internet for people to play with, on the understanding that it'll change regularly and the database will be reset from time to time.

Screenshot of todo list in Things

I leave you with this:

I think it would make a great "Loading..." spinner