Mostly cleaning today.

First I got message rendering working in my bbs.

screenshot of message display in bbs

Then I repacked the stuffed animals in my bathoom. Oh, right. See, my office at home has a full bathroom attached, and I don't really need a bathtub in there, so the tub has been serving as a storage area. Mostly for trash bags full of stuffed animals. WELL, something has gone and died somewhere in there, and it stinks to hell and back. My assumption has been that something got in, nested in the animals, and then died. So, part of dealing with that was to repack all of the animals into storage bins, so they're a bit more stackable and secure than trash bags.

Well, I did that today, and discovered that there were no dead previously-alive animals among the never-alive ones. So it's probably in the walls. Yay. BUT now the bathroom is a little better organized.

After that, I processed a whole bunch of mail and other accumulated paper in my office. Filled the shredder at least once-and-a-half.

Then, went on a little nostalgia-fueled trip thru ancient Wired articles.

THEN I went on a little whine about "why do I have a newsletter? why do I blog?" and decided it's time to be offline for the rest of the day, which is why I'm posting this early.