Didn't sleep at all. Had a worrying episode of low blood pressure induced light headedness around 1am. Gave up trying to sleep around 5am. Wandered out to the living room and emailed all of the interviews I had set up to request rescheduling. Around 7am, woke Loree and told her it was time to go to the doctor or the ER. While she's getting dressed, I call the doctor's office. Got the NP, who said come into the office. Made an appt for 9:15 with not-my-doctor. On the drive to Ballard, got a call from the office manager, who'd talked to my actual doctor, who said go to the ER. So, we redirected, after a stop to get L some food. Went to Swedish Edmonds, and damn if they aren't my ER of choice from now on. They got me on an IV, ran some tests, and said there was a known GI bug going around and it seemed the likely culprit. Gave me some anti-nausea and antacid drugs. Tests came back showing nothing systemic other than extreme dehydration (shocking, right, considering the reduced intake and all the vomiting?). Like, on their scale, where 10 is 'normal' and 20 is 'dehydrated', I scored a 32. Took two liters of saline to get me back to normal. Got scrips for zofran and phenergan. Stopped at the pharm and the grocery store to pick up some things for me to eat that shouldn't upset my stomach while it gets back to normal, then came home for a bit. Since we had some time, and L goes back on call on Wed, we decided to go see Detective Pikachu, which was entertaining. Came home from that, stayed up as late as we could stand so we might sleep normal hours, went to sleep around 22:30. I got up around 7:30, and have been dealing with all of the linkedin contacts and such that I neglected yesterday.