Feeling sorry for myself this evening.

Point the first: While waiting for a build so we could debug a problem, a coworker and I ended up talking about Amazon, and how I worked there, and stock options. I worked out that, if I still had every option and RSU that ever vested, I'd probably have about $25M in Amazon stock right now. But I was making a quarter of what I'm making now, stock vests are considered part of your "total compensation" - a phrase that still makes me angry to this day - so of course I sold off every share that ever vested as soon as I could, because I had bills to pay.

Point the second: Maybe I shouldn't've followed Hank Green on TikTok. He, like John Oliver, is younger and wildly more successful than me by almost any measure I care about.

Also: It's just shy of 23:00 and it's still 85.8°F in my rooms. I am going to go take my second cold shower of the evening and then try to sleep.