Posting late because ... well, you'll see.

Didn't post on the 12th, because I went to bed at 6pm, with 50mg diphendydramine and 10mg thc on board to knock me out. Or so I hoped. Didn't work. Tried to get to sleep until around 9, after which I snoozed on and off until 4:30, at which point I got up and got ready for my trip.

See, Weedmaps was flying me down to their offices in Irvine CA for my fourth-round interview, this one being in-person. Flight was at 7:45am. Got to the airport around 5:40ish, found parking, got through security with a minimum of fuss (only a couple dozen people in line). TSA didn't ask why I was wearing steel-toed sneakers on an airplane, to my very slight disappointment. Managed to upgrade to a premium seat.

Flight down was pleasant enough. There was an empty middle seat between me and the gentleman at the window, so we each had room to spread our devices and such around. There were three iPad Pros in just that row. All with the keyboard case.

Got to SNA, caught a Lyft to the nearest In-N-Out. Double-Double, mustard-grilled. Forgot to say no tomato, as usual. Forgot I don't like their fries, as usual. Emailed the recruiter to let her know I was on the ground and would be arriving shortly.

Caught another Lyft to the office. Got there around noon, checked in, and hung around the lobby until it was time for my interview at 2. People-watched, read my comics, etc.

Then, interviews, 2:00-5:15. Loved everybody I met, they seem like great people. Everything they told me about what it's like to work there, it just sounded like bliss after what I've been dealing with for most of my career, especially the last year or so.

Then, back into a Lyft to get back to the airport for my 7:35 flight. Which was full, and started boarding 15 minutes late because of a maintenance problem. Then, after we had boarded and pushed away from the gate, we had to go back to the gate, because someone was ill. Cleaning crew came on, so clearly they were messily ill. We took off about 47 minutes late.

Landed around 11pm. Got to my car (after going to the wrong aisle because I misremembered where I'd parked), got onto the freeway, and headed to Burien to grab a soda at JITB, so I wouldn't fall asleep on the drive north. Took half an hour, because I got stuck behind someone ordering food and it apparently took forever to make, then I got my soda, drove off, discovered it wasn't diet, and drove back, where I was stuck behind TWO people ordering food. Gah.

Got back on the road... and I-5 was down to two lanes from the convention center to 520, and I was stuck behind a slow moron and next to a semi. Finally got past that, and I was home free.

Except the Ballinger Way exits were closed. Zipped by, screaming imprecations on WSDOT at the top of my lungs, took the next exit, circled back, and made it home around 1. Took a shower, and was in bed around 1:30.

So of course I woke up at 6 today.