I can't remember if I'd mentioned that Vela died. It stopped being able to see its own network adapter, which was built into the motherboard. And it was generally flaking out in other ways. Fine, I said, I'll buy a new motherboard.

I can't. I couldn't find a motherboard that would fit in the case AND support the LGA1155 CPU it had. So, bought a new motherboard AND a new cpu AND new ram. $500 total. But, I can move the old cpu to another machine to upgrade it, so it's not all bad.

CPU arrived this weekend. Motherboard and ram arrived today. Spent two hours installing everything. Aaaaaand it won't boot. No video, no network. So clearly it's not getting past POST. AND the case doesn't have a speaker, so - even if I could find docs from ASRock about their POST sounds - I can't tell where it's failing. Ordered a speaker, closed the f'ing thing up, and put it back where it was, then went to watch TV, because I'm too fucking old for this shit.

Next time, I'm hiring a fucking teenager.