It's cold. Posting early so I can hide under a blanket and watch tv for the rest of the evening.

Sound Oil was going to try to make a delivery, but didn't manage it before the snow started again. Closed the windows in my office - have I mentioned that the servers generate so much heat I was still running an A/C in December, and finally just opened the windows? - so my office would warm up. It finally got comfortable around 16:00, and now I've got the door open so maybe the rest of the house can benefit a little.

Trying to decide what to do with I haven't posted to it for five years; only ever posted four times (tho there's also a four year old draft about the second amendment that I'll never finished). I think I should probably just dump the content and repoint the domain here. Or let the domain lapse, even.

Things at work continue to improve slowly, on average, but the bad things continue to be bad. We're just adding more things that don't entirely suck to bring the average up. Why have none of you found me an awesome job yet?

My Foundation village started to go downhill. I decided I realized what I'd done wrong (we'll see if I'm right about that) and started a new one. It started going downhill suddenly and then suddenly got better. So... maybe?

Oh FUCK NO. The power just flickered. Twice. Second was enough to beep the UPSes. And there's a third time. I'd best go make food while I can.