Was asked to negotiate the APIs for a whole pile of work, and they want it by tomorrow. Looked at the tickets in question, and they break down into "I don't need to do anything here" and "You can't work on that yet". So, that's fun.

Agreed to work 22:30-00 tonight to try to resolve some of the last problems the offshore team is having with writes to the legacy system in real time, since the 12.5h time difference makes the process tediously slow otherwise.

Got my new night guard. It's shaped differently from the old one, so it's going to take some getting used to.

I heard back from the recruiter:

I received some feedback from doxo and it sounds like they like you and think you are a pretty good dev, but are passing for now.

And I spent nearly three hours doing a rebase of the offshore team's primary working branch, and in the process discovered that they've apparently committed numerous time travel paradoxes.

Then I watched The Addams Family. Not enough time before tonight's work to watch Addams Family Values, so I guess that'll have to wait.