16 days without a post. Two weeks my file server's been offline. Let me sum up:

I shut down Antares, the file server, because it's very loud and I was going to have to be sitting at my desk writing code for an interview. Interview went well enough, but the file server didn't come back up right. One of the raid1'd system drives wasn't there, and the entire data array was missing. Nine drives failing all at once is unlikely. Took a while to dig the rack out of my office so I could get into it and work on things. So, one of the SanDisk SSDs I'm using for a system drive has definitely failed, and needs to be RMAed. And the sata controller card that the data drives were connected to had died. Finally got the controller replaced this morning, and everything's back to normal. The eSATA cards I added still aren't detected, but I think that's a driver problem. Will work it out later.


  • Outreach brought me in for in person interviews, then declined. Their internal recruiter seemed puzzled by that, and was going to try to get more information. Haven't heard back.
  • Weedmaps kinda dropped out of touch after I sent in my coding challenge last Sunday. Finally got hold of the recruiter; she'd been out of the office for her daughter's graduation. Finally got me an answer just after 17 yesterday; they're going to fly me down for in person interviews next week.
  • After a half hour phone interview, Liberty Mutual decided they'd take me for the contract gig LanceSoft put me in for. I can't decline without losing my UI, so LS is pushing to get the paperwork done so I can start. There are a few Issues with the paperwork that I'm making them fix before I proceed.
  • SmartSheet hired someone else before I even got an interview set up. But now another department is looking for the same skillset, so I'm being put in there too. Not super excited, as they're in downtown Bellevue, and it's not remote.
  • I applied to a 'Stealth Startup' on LinkedIn yesterday, and got a call back from a recruiter.. Apparently it's a "Yelp for Cannabis", and he was concerned I might have Issues with that. It's not Weedmaps, it's a competitor of some sort. I told him to go ahead and put me through. Who knows.

Overall, I'm hoping to get the Weedmaps gig. Going to hold on to the LM offer as a safety backup. The others aren't likely to come through soon enough.

UI did finally decide I should be paid, so got my first two checks at once. It's not much, definitely not enough that we could keep the house with it, but it offsets COBRA and such.

I'm sure there are other things worth mentioning, but I can't think of any at the moment.