So, before Black Friday I ordered a new bed. A 4" Purple hybrid with the motion base. It shipped surprisingly fast; the delivery company scheduled delivery yesterday between 3pm and 7pm. I was quite excited. Rushed to get everything moved out of my old office, tore down the old bed and moved it in there as soon as I got up on Friday morning. Then waited.

And waited.

A little after 7pm, I called the shipping company, Pilot. Turns out the shipment was damaged, and nobody bothered to contact me, by email or phone, to let me know they wouldn't be delivering it. The guy I talked to said he'd try to find it and send me pictures, in case I wanted to have it delivered anyway. I never heard back.

Ended up sleeping on the couch.

Called again this morning. No record of my previous call. Guy working today - the only person covering for four offices apparently - told me that the actual delivery is the responsibility of a third party, which is closed on weekends. He did manage to find the package, and I honestly can't tell if there's any actual damage to the platform or not (tho, it is part of a stack of other apparently identical units, so maybe deliver one of them and get a replacement?!?). I also contacted Purple, on the grounds that they're the ones who actually paid the shippers, and they might be able to do some appropriate yelling. They also opened a ticket to get me a replacement. I got an automated email asking for some information (wherein I repeated this saga), and also forwarded the damage photos when I got them. I haven't heard anything further, tho the CS guy said he'd be following up.

I am, needless to say, pretty fucking pissed at Pilot, and pretty unhappy not to have my gods damned bed.

On the plus side, I unpacked several boxes, and repacked the rest, so I could find the power supplies and other part for my monitors and whatnot. Tomorrow, I can finish setting up my desktops.

The new Harley Quinn series on DC universe is fantastic. Totally worth the price of the subscription by itself (which is good, 'cause it's the only thing I'm using it for).