Been cleaning my office today. Emptied or reorganized several boxes, got a bunch of things restacked and shuffled around so I can find them. Labeled several things. In the past two days I've managed to free up floor space equivalent to slightly less than a twin bed, most of it contiguous. I'm starting to run out of places to put things once they're organized, tho. I'm going to need to get more shelving, and reorganize the shelving I've got.

I'm also trying to figure out where I could move Antares, the file server. It accounts for a significant fraction of the noise in my office. I tested it earlier, and the difference, at my desk, between that one machine being off and being on is substantial: ~55dB vs ~64dB. Unfortunately, there aren't really any GOOD places to put it. It's weirdly quiet when it's off, at least if you've been sitting around it on for several hours.