Okay, so, yeah, I haven't posted in just over a month. Go me.

Haven't felt there was much to post about. Eyes are recovering, but not as fast as I'd like, and household refactoring has been stalled waiting for electricians.

Well, today we have progress!

Went to the eye doc, and while things are getting better, they're not quite settled yet, so we wait another two weeks before seeing if I'm ready for a new prescription. Meanwhile, there's some clouding on the lens capsule in the left eye, which is apparently a thing that happens sometimes after cataract surgery. Basically means I'm developing a brand new cataract, but on the membrane that holds the lens instead of the lens itself. If it starts to cause a problem, they laser it away, no big. For now, it's not an issue.

Meanwhile, the electricians came back to finish the work, and got the new circuits installed in my new office. I now have a pair of dedicated 20A circuits, two dual outlets for each. And so, I was able to move the servers over this afternoon. Once that was done, some more furniture could be shuffled. As of now, both of my desks are in the new office, and Loree's makeup table is in the old. I've reworked my plan for where everything's going to go, and can start assembling things through the week. Still a bunch of things to move between rooms, but there'll be the usual move-a-thing-so-we-can-move-another-thing-so-we-can-move-a-third-thing. I am so very sore right now, tho.

My new bed is supposed to be delivered on Friday, considerably earlier than originally expected. I'm super looking forward to that. Purple has a retail store in University Village now, and we popped in just to try one out (it's enough money I didn't want to buy it completely untried). The day we went in, my back had been bugging me all day. For two minutes that day, it didn't hurt, and those two minutes were when I was laying on that bed.

Meanwhile, I've ordered the high-amp car charger, which is conveniently not going to ship for a month or two. It'll be nice to be able to charge my car in a couple hours instead of 8, for the first time since I bought it 8 years ago.

I'll try to get back into the habit of posting daily, or at least more frequently, again. Being in a semi-transitional setup with the laptops and not having real access to my desktop and whatnot has led to spending less time on the computer than usual, massively exacerbated by the whole eye thing. Once I get main desk set up, and Eltanin (my mac desktop) moved over, it'll be a lot easier.