The time for reading is at an end. The time for writing is at hand.
547 weeks ago

One interface to rule them all, two models to implement them. One wrapper to hide them all and in the darkness interpolate them.
547 weeks ago

Trust not in others to once require the classes upon which you depend, but trust them to give you a dependable root from which to find them.
547 weeks ago

Distraction produces nothing.
546 weeks ago

Start at the bottom and work upwards. Or the other thing.
545 weeks ago

Bits of brain spill upon the Wiki. Streams of bloody tears will flow.
544 weeks ago

API Design. As of a blade of grass pushing up against stone.
544 weeks ago

Why rewrite the service when you can rewrite the entire site?
544 weeks ago

Why rewrite the site when we already have a crappy system in place?
541 weeks ago

Waveform collapses / Alternatives fade / Code must pour forth
536 weeks ago

Repositories change, new old learning must be.
531 weeks ago

One tends to forget how easy things are in a large company where people wrote wrappers around the annoying tools.
531 weeks ago

Hidden-Iframe printing for the win!
490 weeks ago

Sorry, Mario, but your validations are in another model.
214 weeks ago